Sometimes I wonder why people follow me…. An Update.

So, sometimes I wonder why people follow me. I mean, my followers’ blogs are so quality and I’m not even sure mine fits in the parameters of “blog”. 

V strange. I’m not even kidding; half the time I don’t know what my blog is doing and the other half is Doctor Who. Mostly Tennant. I love his hair. But who doesn’t? ANYWAY- I mean, a lot of people follow me because they know me irl and would feel bad if they unfollowed me. But those people that I don’t know, who run these really amazing blogs (not that my friends’ blogs are un-amazing) and just follow me out of nowhere: seriously? Hmm.

On another note, I got hit on today. Majorly. By a lesbian. I feel special X3 I also feel a bit bad, though. I mean, I don’t understand it completely, but it must suck to like someone who’s straight if you’re gay. It must SUCK. Seriously. Also, jesus, it’s like the universe wants me to be gay: my haircut, my so-called “gay vibe” (yes, I was told I have a ‘gay vibe’), Comicon (no explanations, don’t ask), and now this.

On yet another note: I really need a new laptop. I’m pretty sure my parents are trying to get me one but I really need one. I would post a picture but my laptop won’t accept connections anymore. I can’t update my iPod D: I love my baby but she really needs some updating <3 Problem is, I (nor my parents) would never even consider buying a laptop other than a mac. 

This isn’t a note but it’s a topic: We got new chair assignments in orchestra today, i’m 5th out of 10. I used to be 10th (long story, I’m not that bad), but my friend (timeandspace-) got moved to last chair because she’s dropping next semester and Doc (orchestra teacher/conductor) is childish when she’s angry.

Also, love sucks. That is all.

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